Saturday, January 15, 2005

Genug Ist Genug!

One of the most hilarious websites is VidLit. Perhaps the funniest bit on Vidlit is Yiddish with Dick and Jane. While of immense artistic value in its own right (the concept of pediatric gynecology, standing alone, is simply brilliant), the web piece is really an extended advertisement for the "bestselling parody," Yiddish with Dick and Jane.

Today, the NY Times reports that "Pearson Education, the publishing company that owns the copyright to the Dick and Jane reading primers, has filed a lawsuit against [the publisher]in Federal District Court in Los Angeles claiming that the book . . . violates Pearson's copyrights and trademarks for the familiar characters."

Other weblogs have offered detailed, and even scholarly, economic and legal criticism of our copyright laws and their extension under the unholy alliance of Hollywood lobbying and Republican corporatism. But, really, the schmendricks at Pearson Education go too far. Can't these guys take a joke? I'm certain that the attorneys for the defendants will craft an appropriate formal legal response to the law suit, but shouldn't it be sufficient for them to merely say "Kush meer in toches?"

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