Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rollout for Maryland Courts Watcher

We officially rolled out the Maryland Courts Watcher by posting the following announcement on various Maryland State Bar Association listserves:
We are happy to announce the availability of a new free service, Maryland Courts Watcher.

Maryland Courts Watcher posts synopses of every judicial opinion available on the web. That includes the opinions of both of the Courts of Appeal, the United Stated District Court for the District of Maryland, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland, the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, the Business and Technology Courts for Maryland, and the Maryland Tax Court.

All postings include links to the full opinions. Postings are available on the web or via email, RSS, or Atom syndication.

Each posting has labels attached that will enable research into topic areas. Each case also has labels for the judge who authored the principal opinion and any judge who authored a concurring or dissenting opinion. Over time, this will allow users to develop a profile for any particular judge to get a better idea how he or she will approach a particular type of matter. Readers are also able to perform Google searches on the website.

Readers can post comments to any posting. We hope that, in time, this capability will allow the website to become a venue for serious discussion of issues raised by court opinions.

The website for Maryland Courts Watcher is:

Finally, we want and need additional editors to help out with the postings. If you want to volunteer, please send an email to mcw[symbol for "at"], using the subject line “MCW Volunteer.”

We have posted a more complete description of Maryland Courts Watcher in FAQ fashion here.

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