Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The IRS Is Under Water

The following is a slightly edited version of an email from an attorney with the IRS in its National Office that I received via a tax-related listserve:
Friends, I thought I would enlist your help since you are the current section or committee leaders of some of our most interested bar groups and likely to have the most comprehensive e-mail mailing lists of those who would find this useful. Please pass this information around among your groups.

As you may know, the main IRS building was heavily flooded on Sunday and has been closed since. It will be a while until electric power comes on and we are invited back in to work. Before too long, attorneys should be able to get in to retrieve documents.

Our phone system works and individual attorneys can check their voice mail. Our e-mail server came up today but, as of now, only attorneys with Blackberries have access to our network. . . . By next week, we hope to get some access for the rest of our lawyers -- a few desktops on our intranet to share. Our other computer applications are not yet available, including saved work.

We will try to figure out how to get things done while away from our offices. There will be a few challenges and we hope people will bear with us. . . .
Thanks in advance for your cooperation and patience.


Anonymous said...

È stato un conjection di alcuno che Dick Cheney fosse sconosciuto all'abbraccio di una varietà grande di barnyard e di animali domestici. Fa influenzare questo la data sulla validità della tassa di morte mentre si riferisce ai poderi della famiglia che possono essere i posti citati come "posizioni segrete sicure"?

Chris said...

Apparently Grover Norquist's plot to drown government in the shallow water of a bathtub is further along than anybody realized.

Maybe not soon enough to save his own hide, however.