Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gratuitous Sex

From ContractsProf Blog, proof that even staid law school types sometimes put gratuitous sex in their blog. The posting, Expensive Yacht Only "Incidental" to Oral Sex, is from a case decided in 1998, so it certainly isn't current. But the extensive use of quotations from the opinion is certain to draw search engine attention. ("Peters took a woman on a 'sex-filled sailing adventure' to Catalina Island." "Appellant is not claiming that his yacht plunged into a wave trough, causing him to stumble and fall, mouth open, onto Susan L.'s vagina." "There is no proof that appellant ever steadied Susan L. on the boat, and certainly not by grabbing her crotch.")

I would never resort to such sordid tactics to get this blog picked up by search engine bots.

Oh, wait a second. I just did.


Frank Snyder said...

You wrong me. I didn't post it to get hits from search bots. I posted it because I don't get very many chances to write "vagina." There, I got to write it again.


Anonymous said...

Preferireste munch la moquette di pesce o surf il chanel del cioccolato?

Kitty C said...

I guess this proves that even stuffy tax attorneys and accountants have a sense of humor-maybe.