Sunday, July 03, 2005

A Tax Protester's Tale

There's a new blog in town, Everything Tax Law, written by Kreig Mitchell, a Boulder, Colorado tax lawyer.

His first person account of a tax protester's day in court (one that he viewed as a spectator, not one that he participated in as a protester) makes for great reading and not just for tax professionals either.

With the blogosphere (not to mention the blawgosphere) becoming increasingly crowded, it is difficult to recommend any particular blog as a "must read." I think that Everything Tax Law will likely fall into that diminishing category.

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Joel S. said...

Interesting article (and blog). My sympathy for tax protesters is tempered by a couple of things:

(1) I only have so much sympathy to give, and don't want to waste it on the stupid and the greedy (tax protesters are both); and

(2) These people essentially want to be free riders -- getting the benefit of living in our society while not paying their fair share (or any share). While I'm looking forward to it, I've yet to hear any stories about tax protesters refusing government benefits.