Friday, April 15, 2005

Quick Pickup on Bankruptcy Reform Act

While President Bush has indicated that he will sign the bankruptcy bill, the exact date on which he signs the bill could be significant. BJ Haynes notes that:
[t]he bill has a 180 day delay in the effective date. If it is signed on or after April 19th, then October 15th would be within the 180 day period. October 15th is significant because it is three years from the extended due date of 2001 tax returns and thus the date on which 2001 tax liabilities would satisfy the three-year-from-due-date rule of Bankruptcy Code Section 507(a)(1).
He advises that:
[i]f you have clients who might benefit from using bankruptcy to discharge their unmanageable tax debts, time is now most definitely running out. It is strongly suggested that you go through your inventory of cases to see whether you have folks who owe large amounts of tax for tax years 2001 and prior. Discharging taxes under the new bill will be much more difficult, but to get the benefit of the existing law the petition must be filed within the 180 day effective date delay period.

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