Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Calling Collect

Via Joel Schoenmeyer's Death and Taxes, we find a post discussing a WSJ article (by subscription only) on the thinning ranks of "collectors." Joel does a fine job of summarizing the estate planning issues raised by the article, but he missed the money quote:
A collectibles researcher in Vera Cruz, Pa., Mr. [Harry] Rinker, 64, himself collects everything from jigsaw puzzles to antique toilet paper.
(Emphasis added.)

Since this is a family-oriented blog, we will let this pass without comment.


Anonymous said...

I would imagine that getting a date of death fair market value for some of these things would be quite hard. I suppose that Ebay would provide a market for almost anything, with the final selling price on Ebay being used , after the fact, as the date of death value.

Anonymous said...

"Since this is a family-oriented blog"

WOW That must be some fun loving family. "Hey Mom, Hey Dad, instead of watching grass grow, can we read the Tax Law and Business Commentary out loud to each other. Please, please. We'll even clean up our rooms if you let us. You will! Gee wiz, you're the greatest."